1st Annual Pioneertown Intl Film Festival

Just wanted to let everyone know that tickets are now on sale for the inaugural Pioneertown International Film Festival!

I just heard the low down from the Friends of Pioneertown and the event is going to be epic.

There will be great music, film screenings, food, drinks and even stories of the early days of Pioneertown… as told by the Son’s of Pioneers!

Tickets are on sale now for LOCALS ONLY.

Don’t wait to buy, because Julian will soon open ticket sales to all and they will SELL OUT FAST.

See pioneer.town/filmfest and buy now :star_struck:


I’ve never been to a film festival and this specifically looks very interesting, but the price of tickets seem pretty pricey if you ask me. Am I off base here? Then again perhaps this is more of an LA thing…

…definitely for the more affluent locals of our fair town :sweat_smile:

Oh my, I must confess, upon being informed by my secretaries of the attendance charge, my monocle nearly flew off. The lady of the house swooned with a case of the vapors, and the manor staff was all atwitter until her chambermaid brought the smelling salts. What a fine ruckus we had! Nevertheless, what a lovely soiree of merriment and refinement this shall be, and a most wonderful occasion for a gathering of the finest of Pioneertown polite society. Indeed, we are surely guaranteed that the fees will most certainly discourage any, ahem, “undesirables”, aren’t we? I look forward with utmost anticipation to be among my fellow gentry as we enjoy the entertainment and sup on the finest of food and wine. Pinkies out, as they say! Why, I must charge my staff to prepare the carriage most expediently, and will remind my tailor to leave some room in the waistcoat! Huzzah and Tally Ho!


@SunSpider :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

There was some talk among the FoP board at their last meeting about the possibility of hosting a special locals only evening at a reduced cost (free, maybe?)

Though, I do not represent Friend’s of Pioneertown or the festival organizers so don’t quote me on that :wink:

That said, if people speak up and express interest in such an event, I’m sure it would be much more likely to happen!

I know I would attend :+1:

How much are the tickets

$369 gets a one weekend pass.

It’s like a wild west summer camp for adults that’s compressed into a single weekend!

Honestly, not a bad value for everything that’s included.

Three full days of entertainment and food!

I also like that I can go nap at home between screenings, haha

Indeed, Lady Angela, the most wild westest of summer activities for us gentried folk, wouldn’t you say? Why, I was just speaking with one of my serving staff, a fine chap of the land. He was lamenting most mournfully of his dire circumstances, and how he and his kinfolk were most desirous of attending such an exquisite and luxurious toast to our fine town, but alas, have they not the means to do so. Well, my good man, such is the lot of you and your ilk, I say! Why, may you not have anticipated that the moneyed class might one day lay waste to your simple ways? T’is to your detriment that you had not the foresight and nor inclination to make better of yourselves! As my father Lord Fugglesworth says, culture comes with a price, and if you haven’t the farthing for the ferryman, why then, must you drown in the sepsis of your own destitution!

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