4/10 Helicopter Search

Anyone know what the helicopter is searching for? It has been circling for over an hour. I wasn’t sure if there’s anything our community might do to help.

Looked like they were flying in pattern overhead.

Probably the county doing aerial photography so they can tax you better.

There was a camera on the nose of the helicopter. The helicopter (tail number N545SA) is owned by Shier Aviation Corporation in San Diego. I would guess another LA carpetbagger surveying for development in order to make a quick buck at the Pioneertown permanent residents’ expense!

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Oh, well that is a bummer. I was concerned about safety but I guess I need to be concerned about my tax bill instead!

No need to worry unless you have unpermitted construction! Regardless, I do not think it was the county.

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Gotcha! Thank you for the info!

They were in Rimrock and Yucca Valley as well; chances are it was utility mapping. I’ve never heard of an assessor using a helicopter (they do use satellite photos).

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