Dis-assembled house off Tom Mix

I know I’m not the only one who’s noticed our new neighbor on the corner of Tom Mix and Ptown Rd.

Anybody know when they are going to reassemble their house?

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Yes, Matt. The background on the owner and presumably the home on the corner of Tom Mix and Pioneertown Road is an interesting read. Check it out… a beach house to a western town!


Thanks for the article @pitowngirl

That house looks pretty rough, I wonder why this guy wants so badly to save it.

and moldy from rains and snow. Historic value? eyesore.

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@pitowngirl and @WyldBluYonder make a good point… not convinced that a dilapidated beach house in a rural western town has any historic value.

Besides, Amboy is already embracing the whole ‘abandoned truck-stop’ aesthetic :articulated_lorry:

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I remember in Los Angeles and Also in San Francisco, house going for sale for $1.OO as long as you move it out within 30 days. It saves the owner of the land from spending $20k or more to demo the old house and removing all materials, in order to build a new one in it’s place. This could be the case but I don’t know for certain. Either way this man has no consideration for the people of this town. It’s all about the mighty $.

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Who else is fed up with our new landmark?
It’s an eyesore :face_vomiting: and a fire hazard :fire_engine:

I did some research and found the APN and information about the owner which matches the article posted by @pitowngirl.

County: San Bernardino, CA
Municipality: Twentynine Palms-Yucca Valley
Parcel Id: 059420109
Zip Code: 92268
Acreage: 1.26 (deeded), 1.27 (calculated)
Land Use Code: 000
Mkt Val Land: 19781.00
Mkt Val Bldg: 0.00
Mailing: 403 10TH ST
Owner Occupied: No
Year Built: 0

Also, according to SB county Code 84.25.070 :

It shall be unlawful to place, install, build, maintain, use, or occupy any temporary structure on any parcel of real property subject to the provisions of this Development Code for the purpose of camping, dwelling, maintaining or establishing temporary or permanent residency unless such placement, installation, construction, maintenance, use, or occupancy is first authorized by a Temporary Use Permit, Special Event Permit, or other land use approval required by this Development Code or as otherwise made an exception herein.

So if there’s no permit, it’s an illegal use of land. Knowing this is good starting point to getting the county’s help in resolution.

This county document says it costs $5 to pull a permit report and provides instructions how to do so. All the necessary information is above :+1:

Who’s up for the task?

Hey, Matt. I’ll donate the $5.00. These buildings are a disgrace to our Neighborhood! I’ll post the info ASAP. Thanks for your help

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I’m on top of it to get rid of that mess

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A few weeks ago during the Great Covid T.P shortage of 2020, I checked out the “house” under cover of darkness, and nicked a roll of badly needed toilet paper out of the bathroom. So, it was good for something. Thanks, Joe!

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That guys getting ready to drop those house parts to the ground and take the trailers :confounded: then we will be stuck with that mess :worried:

@Tom_Eastwood was right, looks like Joe Santiago is going to stick us with his pile of construction debris:

Last I checked, dumping garbage in the desert was illegal :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Has anyone called code enforcement and reported this?
Also has anyone contacted the owner and asked him what’s going on? I’m fairly new to this site and just reading all this now. Of course I see the buildings everytime I leave my house

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I replied to this yesterday. Stop complaining and bombard Code Enforcement with phone calls to complain about this junk yard.


He has moved the piers in to do the concrete work. Looks like its here forever, an eyesore for sure!

The article is pretty old. It says that it is currently on a “storage yard”. I guess that changed?

What I don’t understand is how a house from Huntington Beach is relevant to the desert. Hopefully the owners of this is under some sort of time clock to s**t or get off the pot. In my opinion it’s a hazard or disaster waiting to happen.

The guy ran out of money. I kept calling the county about this eyesore but they haven’t done a thing. It is absolutely awesome especially for us who live on Tom Mix. Have someone else call the county, I’m already on their naughty list. Please everyone call the county to make sure the guy removes his crap.it’s not code enforcement- they don’t do anything- you need to call the county