First time caller, Long time listener

Hi everyone!
I’ve been meaning to post on the board and say hello for some time. My name is Christina and my sweetie Khayyam and I moved over to Pipes Canyon last year. We are really happy to live here and be a part of this community. Please let us know if there’s any way we can contribute! Obviously meetups have been scarce due to Covid, but I look forward to connecting with you all at some point.

All my best,


Hey @Christina, welcome to Ptown locals, thanks for joining us!

I :heart: seeing new users and posts!

Your decision to “call in” is commendable :slight_smile:

We have nearly 70 members now, though only a fraction who participate in discussion.

The “lines are open”, I hope we can get a few of our other longtime listeners to dial in :rofl:

Welcome Christina!

Glad to have you and Khayyam out here with us.

Where did you move from? How are you liking it so far?

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Welcome to the neighborhood!


I’m originally from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania (on the Philly side of things). Khayyam is from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We’ve both lived a few other places, and of course did some Los Angeles time before finding our way out here.

We are loving it! So beautiful, so quiet, and such nice neighbors. It’s been a little lonely at times but I’m certain these are covid issues, not desert issues. Most of our socialization these days is happening at the dark park :joy: -

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I suppose bringing some life to the Ptown locals board is one way to contribute!