Funny stories about Barbara Miller

Many of you knew Barbara Miller, my aunt. She was a uniquely awesome person!

As I carry on her legacy in Pioneertown, I’m constantly reminded of the many memories we created here together.

Barbara was pretty hilarious (both intentionally and not, haha!) so many of the stories are pretty funny, here’s one:

Without a doubt, Aunt B had the ‘need for speed’.
(I’m no stranger to Chuckwalla so this accusation ought to hold some water!)

A couple years back, her van needed to visit the mechanic to have some work done.
She asked me to help her get it there, so threw me the keys to her truck, jumped into the van and said ‘follow me down the hill’.

I managed to keep up with her on Ptown Rd until about Pappy’s, then she lost me!
When I got to the mechanic shop she was already sitting out front, looking annoyed.
Before I could suggest for her to slow down a little, she turned to me and said:

“Where have you been?? Did your covered wagon break a wheel?”

Another good one is the story behind her love of Sizzler.

My aunt absolutely LOVED the Sizzler, though it was neither the food quality nor the good service that brought her in. (well, OK, maybe the ice cream machine)

She would go in with her pockets literally lined with plastic bags so she could smuggle out chicken wings for the dogs.

So I’d be sitting there with her, having a steak, while she enjoyed a mountain of ice cream…

The she would make multiple trips to the buffet line, plates piled high with wings which she crammed into every available pocket on herself and whoever happened to be with her.

Also, speaking of dogs and smuggling…

There was that time she managed to get three dogs into Denny’s undetected.

The employee’s caught her feeding them under the table. When they questioned her about it, the only response was: “just a minute, we’re almost done”.

There was never a dull moment with Barbara :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Does anyone else have any funny stories to share?

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