How to make Locals better in 2021?

Hey Locals, Happy Holidays!

Thanks to everyone who has helped to make the site a valuable community resource!

I’d like give an update on what we’ve accomplished in the past 9 months and also ask for suggestions on how we can improve.

Since we came online in March, there have been:

  • 88 locals who registered an account
  • 267 posts that added unique and interesting content to our online community.
  • 370 ‘likes’ on those posts
  • on average 6 registered locals visiting per day, along with 10 other anonymous people
  • on average 130 unique page views per day (661 is the record, set on Aug 8th)

These numbers show that we’re clearly doing something right… though, I know we can do even better in 2021 :stars:

Anybody have ideas on how we can improve Pioneertown Locals?

  • How can we get more locals to sign up?
  • How do we get more locals posting new content?
  • What kinds of posts do people find most helpful and/or interesting?
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