Looking for a place to buy or possibly rent!

Not sure if this is the correct category to post, but I’m looking to size up and will need to move…

I’d prefer to be in pi town but based on looking at Redfin/Zillow, I’m not sure I can afford to buy here. As such, I might also be interested in renting long term.

Please let me know if you hear of anything!

Thanks! :cowboy_hat_face: :pray: :desert: :sparkles:

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I am interested to know if you found your rental?

Has prevalence of airbnb’s negatively impacted your ability to find housing?

or the cost?

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Unfortunately I have not. The market is pretty crazy right now and there doesn’t appear to be much inventory. Short term rentals had already added to the challenge of trying to find a long term rental out here, but now it seems non-existent, or just priced ridiculously to match the buying market.

I’ll still be searching, but not looking to promising.

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