Mayor of Pioneertown?

To anyone and everyone interested in Pioneertown:

I, KENNETH B. GENTRY, am officially running for the position of ceremonial mayor of Pioneertown under an independent, mayor-council, type of mayoralty.

This “council” will non-formally consist of all Pioneertown residents, property owners, business owners and shop keepers, as well as any nearby resident, any tourist or fan who would like their opinions to be heard. If elected, I intend to work as both a ceremonial ambassador of Pioneertown to the outside world and as a liaison between the businesses, organizations and residents within Pioneertown and its neighboring communities.

My prime goals as ceremonial mayor are to help bring this community a little closer together while helping to ensure that the rich western American history and charm here is preserved throughout this town’s growth and development.

I aim to do this by reaching out to anyone and everyone as an independent resource for pooling Pioneertown related thoughts, concerns and ideas, in order to help ensure that everyone’s voice is heard equally.

I also aim to work diligently towards completing a handful of Pioneertown related projects which are aimed towards bringing both the community and the annual tourists together for some good old fashioned (and safe ) western themed fun.

Check out if you want to learn more about what I am proposing. I am currently running unopposed. But I strongly suggest that anyone else interested in the role run as well! If you are interested in running for this one year ceremonial term, simply fill out the application on the above mentioned webpage anytime before the end of the day, October 2oth of 2o2o.

If there is more than one candidate by the end of October 2oth, voting will then take place from October 21st through November 3rd. If other candidates are confirmed, a voting process will be determined and agreed upon by all candidates before any voting can begin. If there are no other candidates by the end of October 2oth, then I will take an oath of office on January 2oth of 2o21.

I want to reemphasize that this is a ceremonial role. This is not a government backed gig. A great example of another ceremonial mayor would be Mayor Max of Idyllwild, CA. Check out to learn about how Idyllwild has a four-legged mayor who helps his town out daily.

Please feel free to reach out. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, I am available by email at, by snail mail at PO BOX 648 in Pioneertown, CA 92268 or in person at the General Mercantile on Mane Street, every Thursday through Sunday.

Thanks so much for your time! Best,



I guess its too late but I wondered why we need a Mayor?