Pappy & Harriett’s

Is Pappy & Harriett’s open for food take out during our quarantine?


How about live streamed music and beer delivery?

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Now that’s a great idea! Beer & Food delivery with live streamed music, I’m in!

Yay! Locals can finally eat at Pappy’s!

Yup! Take out only and limited hours (11AM-7PM Thursday-Sunday), but they had everything they wanted and the ABC is letting them sell booze to go.


Salmon was 50% off. so miss their excellent salmon! Cheesy fries are ‘his’ fav!

Only if they treat us as citizens and not outcassts as they have been. We re some of the old timers in Pi-Town and used to meet regularly at the Saloon when Harriet owned it. Then came the loud music and we fled when it started at 7 pm. And then we were treated as dirt.
Monika Legrone

PLEASE, no booze to take out. Go home and get drunk, not on our roads.