Pioneer Bowl reopening?

I’ve heard a rumor that the bowling alley is going to reopen.

All the original equipment and decor inside is SO cool!

Anybody have the details?

I hope they’ll have cosmic bowling :rofl:


Its been (OM!) since I was 16! but looking forward to the opening… and
trying again!

@WyldBluYonder that’s too funny :rofl:

I still remember the first time I visted Pioneertown, a decade ago…

My Aunt Barbara made sure to mention the ‘neat bowling alley, that’s about to reopen’.

I recall several rumors about the place over the years, including one insinuating that ownership over bowling pins soured a pending sale of the property.

That place is Ptown legend, haha

My reply blipped! great internet! … matt: what a sweet memory and yes, I looked forward to the opening 13 years ago, got lots of laughs on that too. I thought, hey, a wood fired pizza and bowling? perfection! And that insinuation, would not surprise me, I have heard some doozies!
BTW: I miss Barbara, I kept her last messages to me on my cell! She proud of you!

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