Pioneertown History: SEPTEMBER

This Month In Pioneertown History:
Quite a few famous Pioneertown related events, both good and bad, have occurred during the month of September. On September 9th of 185o, after the Compromise of 185o, California became the 31st State of the Union. Ten years later in 186o, just above Big Bear, Bellville had a population of nearly 1,5oo and was actually proposed for the county seat. But the September Elections of 186o saw that title to the small town of San Bernardino who narrowly won the election by a mere two votes and became the namesake of the California County in which Pioneertown resides.
On September 29th of 19o7, a man named Orvon Grover Autry was born in Grayson County, TX. Orvon picked up a music career while working on the railroad and would later go by the name Gene Autry. Mike Boniface was killed at the Gilman Ranch on September 26th of 19o9, sparking the Willie Boy manhunt throughout the Morongo Basin. World War II then officially ended September 2nd of 1945. Sandra Hayden died in a fatal car crash on September 22nd of 1956. That tragic accident later sparked the Sandra Hayden Memorial Foundation’s annual summer BBQ at the Hayden Ranch in Pioneertown.
But of all the September dates in Pioneertown history to remember, September 1st of 1946 has to top them all! That was the date of the historical ground breaking ceremony. The weather at the event was ideal for mid-summer in the desert, with a high temperature of 95 degrees and a low of 7o, no humidity and next to no wind. Some 2oo people showed up to a town that hadn’t even been built yet to help celebrate. The Pioneertown spirit was alive and thriving in 1946 before Mane Street even had buildings established on it.
Pioneertown has just celebrated its 74th anniversary. September of 2o21 will mark Pioneertown’s 75th anniversary!
The majority of 2o2o has been an all out bummer. But let’s hope that we can celebrate like it’s 1946 come September of 2o21!! =D


ooh awesome, just found this history post! I’m going to look for books or blog post collections.

also, is it okay if I put a link to this post outside my house in pipes? I’m experimenting with putting up some educational signs where kids can lookup info on their phones.

Of course, linking to locals is highly encouraged :+1:

@KENNETH deserves credit for the info… He’s our local history expert and literally wrote the book on ptown history.

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