Pioneertown Public Radio

Howdy, y’all.
I don’t make it on here very often… and when I do… I don’t stay for very long. Just wanted to let everyone know that for the first time in 75 years, Pioneertown has its very own Public Radio Station.
Everyone is welcome to visit to listen to Classic Country Music throughout the day and Old Timey Radio Shows throughout each night… with vintage radio commercial strewn throughout.
Local news and advertisin’ is being added every other day… and shortwave FM Broadcasting within Pioneertown in the near future might just be possible afterall. In the meantime, if there is any local news, events or other information that you would like to hear played on PPR, please get in touch… if it pertains to Pioneertown, then PPR is interested in broadcasting it.
There is already a free Amazon Alexa Skill that will stream PPR. An Android App as well as a Roku Channel will be out in September.
It runs 24/7. There are no songs, shows or commercials from this century – it’s all 1999 or older – with the exception of a few new station jingles and ¡Shoutouts!
I hope y’all enjoy Pioneertown Public Radio!


Very exciting. Thank you for the memories. :grinning:

So cool!!! If you are looking for any volunteers, let me know. I used to do radio back in the day and love it.

-Christina in pipes canyon

You go Kenny!! What fun listening to real cowboy music and no commercials!! Thank you :grinning:

Kudos, Kenneth. I have been enjoying this station all week! One request: a tad less Hank Jr. He’s doesn’t really have that many good songs. And he’s a racist!

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Another cool project from @KENNETH, great work :+1:

I’ve been enjoying the stream too!

If there’s interest from the community, I would love to help bring an FM transmitter online.

Then that 2nd P would also stand for :pirate_flag:, arrrr!