Ptown Locals is Shutting down

I am considering shutting down Pioneertown Locals due to the inactivity.

The cost of keeping the site online seems to outweigh the benefit to our community.

Anyone disagree? Please voice your opinion!

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I have to agree Matt. Pioneertown has so many social media pages that get the most attention. But thank you for all your efforts. See you around town.

How many people have signed up?
In the near future STRs and new zoning issues are coming up for discussion and approval. Very important to PT. I like the way issues are bundled on this site.

Maybe if we added useful contact info. STR ordinance and enforcement forms.

Events page. CERT sign up.

It’s too easy to get lost on ND or FB.


I always had trouble reading the script on black background. Do you wonder why long- time residents are leaving Pioneertown?? It’s the rbnbs, the fires, the loud music, the parties that are not permitted at this time, running through private property with no consideration, etc. etc
Monika, a 29 year resident who had to leave

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That’s a bummer Matt. People are super tied to Facebook even though this is a much better service.


I prefer your site as it weeds out the drama of FB. I just want important information; not the wars, the whining and bullying.

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All of your reasons mentioned in your post , we bought our 20 bare acres in 1988 and and moved here in 1994-1995. How it is here now is nor what I thought my " golder years " would be like here especially rude " visitors " not respecting your & my land, even tho signs are up, cameras are up, which force a lot of folks to begin putting up fences they can’t really afford nor really want. And folks are also leaveng due to the value of land going up due to the building of improvement, and Airb&b’s and new housing being built.


Sorry to hear about this. I wish you could continue. Best wishes