Shop on Amazon -> Support Pioneertown

For those of you who don’t know about Friends of Pioneertown, they are a local charitable organization that exists solely for the benefit of us, the locals. ‘The Friends’, as they are often called, help to organize town events, make improvements to the community and MUCH more.

Several members of the Friend’s board are active here on Locals… you can identify them by the badge below their name.


@davesmiller09 (founding member of the friends) recently discovered that Amazon recognizes their 501.3c status.

What this means is that your regular amazon shopping can now help support all the great stuff that Friends of Pioneertown does for our community.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Visit in your web browser
  2. Type “friends of pioneertown” in the ‘pick your own’ search box and click search.
  3. Click the yellow select button next to ‘Friends of Pioneertown’

That’s it, you’re done!

Though, it’s important to remember that only purchases made through are eligible. Drag this bookmarklet into your browser’s bookmarks bar for an easy way to return to smile:


@davesmiller09 This is so neat, what a great way to support the community!

@matt Thanks for the instructions, it was really easy to get started.

Once Smile was setup for my amazon account, I received this notification the next time I was shopping on my phone:

I tapped enable and now I think all my purchases in the amazon app will help benefit the town, how cool!

If we get everyone doing this, maybe we can have free booze at the next 4th of July parade :tropical_drink:

(haha, just a suggestion!)

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