Summer bug sounds

Hi there! I’m Laura and new to this site.

Can anyone recognize the bugs that are chirping by their sounds? Maybe some crickets in the evening, but during the day time, there’s a loud sounding bug that sounds like an alien invasion or UFO landing. Seems like all of these sounds are pretty seasonal too.

I might have some insight into the ‘hovering’ sound…

First of all, I’m happy to report we have a very healthy population of bees and wasps in Pioneertown :honeybee:

On my property, these beneficial insects seem to be most active in the early morning and evening.

I occasionally hear an unsettling humming or buzzing sound near plants with a large number of flowers.

The sound is somewhat akin to what I’d imagine a UFO landing sounds like :alien:

This spring, I saw a swarm moving into their new hive. I had thought it was a hovering drone until i spotted them!

Early in the year the sound is probably due to pollinating bees - though in the late summer it’s more likely to be wasps feeding on plant sugars.


Thanks for the insight, Matt! Yes, I do notice all the great pollinators we have around.

So I actually went down a rabbit hole looking into this, and it turns out what I was hearing are cicadas, specifically Cactus Dodgers.

“The cicada falls into one of two major groups, one called “dog day,” the other called “periodical.” The dog-day cicadas, which usually appear during the hottest days of summer, hence the name, include all of the several dozen species of the Southwest. They have a life cycle of two to five years. The better known include the Apache cicada, marked by a tan band around the back of its head, and the cactus dodger, noted for the male’s frenzied courtship behavior among the desert’s prickly pear and cholla cacti.” From Desert USA

Here’s what it looks and sounds like.