The preserve... in 3D!

I have an interest in photography; but I’m not very good at taking pictures :laughing:

In lieu of artistic talent, I sometimes enjoy using my technical talent to make detailed 3D models from my bad photos!

I was in the preserve the other day and thought it would be cool to try “3d scanning” some of the Olsen ruins.

It turned out really well!

I think it would be fun to scan the whole area surrounding the ruins then use the resulting 3D model to make an animation or game map.

Is there anyone else out there into this sort of geekery?

wow looks great! what app did you use? I have been trying out Qlone, but you have to print out a reference sheet to put below the object to be scanned.

I’m teaching online, and doing a lot with students in virtual worlds. I really want to get them 3D scanning objects. If you want, you can check out what we have up so far here:

Sort of related, I’m trying to put up some educational signs outside my house. Like about local animals, and later on about stuff we teach. It would be cool to use your 3D models in a Mozilla Hubs scene if you are okay with it! I wonder if we could make like a virtual history space, where some old timer tells a story about the Olsen Ruin, and there is your 3D models? haha like the “museum” in Interstellar at the end of the movie.

and I see that you already use SketchFab, which allows me to import your models (if you are okay with that)

Here is a test room setup with the Olsen Ruin … ah, actually it’s not importing… maybe it’s too detailed? Anyways if you are interested I’ll check it out some more

@boomtown I mostly use Agisoft Metashape but also like Meshroom.

Once I have a acceptable model, I use Blender and Meshmixer to clean it up for the intended purpose.

The Olsen Ruins are actually my first outdoor scan.
I mostly scan smaller objects inside on a turntable using the ‘dark field’ method. (would be happy to share the details on my setup, LMK)

Here’s an example of a turntable scan I just did for @pitowngirl:

I publish most of my work under the Creative CommonsNon-Commercial License, so as an educator - you are welcome to any of it :slight_smile:

To get the Olsen Ruins model to import, try loading it into your 3D modeling program and then using the ‘decimate’ function to reduce the number of polygons.