Thumping bass all night


I joined this group just now to find out if the thumping bass and techno music that I heard for 11 hours (9:30PM to 8:30AM) was coming from near Pioneer Town as a couple of us on Nextdoor are assuming?
I’m clear over on Old Woman Springs Rd, between Hillcrest and Buena Vista and others that heard the shitty music are closer to Pioneer Town…and thinking the source is out your way.
Anyone on know where it was coming from?
I’m several miles away and find it ridiculous that this noise was allowed to go on all night.


The whole town heard it!

Wind makes it difficult to pinpoint the source.

Sounded like it was coming from near the west end of Mane Street.

Maybe Pioneertown should be renamed to Partytown :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

This is absurd! Does anyone know exactly where it was coming from and if so… are they gonna contact the owners?
I’m MILES away and heard it…


I’m pretty sure it’s Pappy’s.

All their music is now outside due to covid.

Getting a little tired of it myself.

This went on from 9pm to 8am…do they have music for 11 hours straight?

Then just wait till the new buildings & event centers pop up. Or the RR ‘events’. The sound is different from Pappys since they added the outdoor beams, an adjustment on bass is the bands issue (thinking louder means better music which it clearly does not) Message or call them has always worked in the past. Its the least of whats to come.

It was not Papoy’s !!!

Maybe, and sometimes…but there’s been lots of music not from them. Again, lack of respect for our Community and treating the area poorly. As for P &H Robyn and Linda take care to stop outside timely and bring music inside, for months that couldn’t even happen but will change soon- we hope, for their sake.