Wildlife in Town, Share your pics!

The desert is chock full of cool wildlife, if you know where to look!
Though, I usually have to wait for them to find me :rofl:

Neighbors and I have had a few recent bobcat sightings:

I also just saw on nextdoor that someone spotted a desert tortoise, one of my favorites :turtle:

Can’t help but share this pic I took in DHS nearly 10 years ago:

Who else has made recent sightings of wildlife?

Please share pics if you have them!
(use the button with a box and up-arrow to upload a pic)

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I suspect this is the same Bobcat hunting and resting after a California ( Beechy ) Ground Squirrel kill.

Also from last summer, an antelope ground squirrel. Their starting to show up again thanks to the Bobcat thinning out the beechy’s.

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Stopped to chat with the locals and got some trail suggestions while ridding in the wash behind town.